Composition & Songwriting

Paul has written for full orchestras, solo instruments, and everything in between—he’s spliced together found sounds from his weekly life, composed a piece for an ensemble of Stylophones, and performed a wall at the Getty Museum.

Paul’s music for the screen covers a broad spectrum of musical genres, but generally speaking, he is drawn to all-things absurd and/or sincere. He’s known for his knack for writing catchy song melodies and incorporating inventive timbres into his music.

Compositional obsessions include: anything lo-fi, vaporwave, quiet storm, traditional Ghanan drum rhythms, hardcore feminist punk for 6-12 year olds, “genre-surfing,” aleatoric composition techniques, and Spaghetti Western cues for mundane contexts.


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Sound Design

Paul’s sound design is dense with detail, and at times blurs the line between music and sound.


Animation / Advertising Credits

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